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Design or engineering inquiries:

US Flat Pattern has a customer focused staff. We are here to help with your off site engineering and off site CAD design services.  We use most CAD systems in house and employ a wide talent pool of designers and engineers. We have been providing internet based off site engineering services for 18 years and our capabilities are the best in the business. Our engineering and design rates are excellent.

Data translations are almost always performed with same day service and they are usually done right away.

To discuss your project call 1-702-610-9748 or email to:

Aerospace Engineering

US Flat Pattern is registered with the United States Government, and the Department of Defense. We are authorized to perform off site engineering work on DOD engineering projects. We comply with JSFPO, ASME, ASTM, ISO, ANSI, UL, CE, etc

Automotive Engineering

Off-site design or engineering services inquiries:

Consumer products design services

Medical products design services

Space launch systems engineering and development services

Aircraft component design services

Part inspection - checking services - fixtures

To discuss your project call 1-702-610-9748 or email to:

Data Translation Service file type list

Data translations from 2D to 3D

Off site automotive interior systems design

Power tool designs with NX12

Everything automotive design services

Data translations from 3D NX to 2D drawings

Seating and storage armrest design services

Hush panel design and engineering services done offsite

Off-site design or engineering services inquiries:

Multiple payment methods by purchase order, check or credit card.


Off site engineering, offsite design, off-site services. Regardless of how you spell it we do it

Key word profiles:

Sheet metal, composite, surface, flat pattern services, wire forms, piping, wire harness formboard layouts, CAD design services,  off site design services,  off-site CAD engineering services,  offsite CAD design and engineering services,  off-site data translations, off site drawing conversions, aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, medical products engineering, consumer products design services.

Finite Element Analysis software: Ansys and Cosmos 

US Flat Pattern is a US company authorized to perform DOD and US Government work. All of our employees are US citizens, living in the US, under DOD Warning Banner NDA's

We are listed with Lansing, Dunn and Bradstreet and CCR. We do not outsource.

US Flat Pattern

Las Vegas, NV 89103

Phone: 1-702-610-9748


Multiple payment methods: EFT, purchase order, check or credit card.


US Flat Pattern
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