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US Flat Pattern

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Las Vegas, NV 89103 - Phone: 1-702-610-9748

US Flat Pattern personnel have been making medical devices with NX since 1980.

 - blood occluders

 - Cochlear implants

 - filtration systems

 - Flow control valves 

 - Heart/lung components and enclosures

 - intraocular lenses

 - Orthopedic products

 - sterile packaging design 

 - surgical models

 - Thermoforming 

We are listed with Dunn and Bradstreet and CCR. We do not outsource.

US Flat Pattern

Las Vegas, NV 89103

Phone: 1-702-610-9748


Multiple payment methods: EFT, purchase order, check or credit card.


US Flat Pattern
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