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Call US Flat Pattern first. We import and export Catia data to most any CAD platform.

US Flat Pattern converts data to and from Honda. Let us put your data in a format you both can use.

Catia CAD design services in Catia V6, V5-6R2016, V5-6R2014, V5-6R2012, V5R27, V5R26, V5R25, V5R24, V5R23, V5R22, V5R21, V5R20, V5R19, V5R18, V5R17, V5R16, V5R14, V5R7, V4 (all releases).

Catia translation service format types: CATIA V6, V5, V4 .catalog,  .CATDrawing, .CATfct, .CATKnowledge, CATMaterial, .CATPart, .CATProduct, .CATRaster, CATShape, Catia V5R14, V5R16, V5R17, DL, V5R18, V5R19, V5R20, V5R21, V4, .session, flataix1, exp formats, .mod, .model.

DL Developed Shapes

US Flat Pattern

Las Vegas, NV 89103

Phone: 1-702-610-9748


Multiple payment methods: EFT, purchase order, check or credit card.


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